ABV: 6.5%

The Vitruvius India Pale Ale is our flagship beer bursting with hops utilizing Millennium, Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe creating a complex, yet perfectly balanced IPA with just the right amount of bitterness. Crafted to be enjoyed fresh and often, our IPA pours bright with a lasting head that laces our favorite beer glass and captivates with its inviting dynamic hop aroma.



ABV: 4.8%

The Awl Point Pilsner is our version of the world’s most popular beer style that originated in Bohemia more than 100 years ago. Our pils is a medium bodied lager with a dense, white head. Unlike mass market “pilsners” bastardized with corn & rice, our Awl Point is crafted with 100% Pale Malt, and Spalter Select and Saaz hops. Much like the original brewers of this style intended. Sharp like the point of its namesake, the Awl Point Pilsner is perfect for a hot Carolina day.



ABV: 5.2%

Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser abhorred straight lines, calling them “godless and immoral”. Our Schlaufenbogen Vienna Lager is brewed with the same artistic expression as it spirals around expectations, ignoring misplaced preconceptions of watered down, tasteless lagers. The toasted malt aroma and flavor of our Vienna-style lager is well balanced with European hops rendering a craft beer with a clean, slightly sweet finish without the bitterness.



ABV: 7.2%

Celebrate the coming of Spring and the beginning of warmer days with our Maypole Maibock. This Helles Lager is brewed to Bock strength with a crisp, smooth finish combined with herbal hop character to create a rich, compelling beer that intertwines and dances with your palate. Our Maibock is sure to put a spring in your step!



ABV: 5.4%

Our Soffietta Altbier is a German-inspired ale that is indigenous to Dusseldorf and the Lower Rhine region and a style that predates German lagers. This altbier has a clean finish with toasted malt flavors and aroma for an enjoyable, easy drinking, full-bodied beer. Using a glassblowing tool Soffietta, the glassworker adds the breath of the craftsman to the work of art. Our craft of using Munich malt and Tettnang hops to create an Altbier, celebrates Germany’s craft of using molten glass to create stunning glass art. Prost!



ABV: 8.2%

As red as the clay used by generations of NC potters, our Humults Imperial Red India Pale Ale is a different turn on the potter’s wheel from its lower ABV predecessor, the Ultisol Red IPA. Humults is the term for red clay soil (Ultisol) with high organic matter content and this brew uses a lot of organic matter to reach Imperial strength. Showcasing Centennial hops and a heavy helping of deep, rich caramel malt, this beer can serve as an exceptional compliment to BBQ ribs, or a toffee-based dessert, or can be enjoyed alone.



ABV: 6.7%

Due to its softness and strength, the darker wool of a lamb is often treasured. In this style, our Lamb’s Pride Black India Pale Ale captures a blend of both softness and strength with its roasted and sweet caramel malts and extensive Columbus dry hop. Combined, these ingredients give the Black IPA a complex assertive roasted flavor that is woven with a punchy hop bitterness and while lighter in body than our stouts and porters, it is every bit as rich in flavor.


ABV: 9.2%

You know what a milk maiden is thinking about while she coaxes the milk from the cow? Warm chocolate covered in sumptuous raspberries; her hard work rewarded with sweet indulgence. This special brew of Maiden of Milk Imperial Raspberry Chocolate Stout makes the maidens dreams come true. This brew is pure milk chocolate bliss intertwined with raspberries, while still allowing for roasted coffee notes to shine through. It is a liquid raspberry truffle in a glass. Perfect for sharing with your special person but totally understandable to keep for your own pleasure. Guaranteed to warm your heart!




Our cask beers are kept at a cellar temperature and poured through a hand pump known as a Beer Engine, which is how European ale has been served for centuries. Cask beers are naturally carbonated unlike the forced carbonation of most modern ales and lagers. The drinking experience is a softer mouthfeel and oftentimes, a more intense and pleasant aroma with hoppy beers like India Pale Ales. A delicious cask beer is a wonderful way to enjoy beer while appreciating its tasty history.



Root beer may be an American invention, but our Brewmaster crafted his own housemade recipe for a deliciously fresh soda with Vanilla, Wintergreen, Licorice, Sarsaparilla, Anise, and Burdock Root flavors. It is an instant non-alcoholic classic and a must try, and only available in out taproom!