ABV: 6.5%

The Vitruvius India Pale Ale is our flagship beer bursting with hops utilizing Millennium, Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe hops creating a complex, yet well balanced IPA with just the right amount of bitterness. Designed to be enjoyed fresh and often, our IPA pours bright with a lasting head that laces our favorite beer glass and captivates with its inviting dynamic hop aroma.



ABV: 5.2%

The Biscuit Joiner ESB is a taproom essential with its woody aroma that recalls the paneled comfort of an English pub. Rich mahogany in color, our Extra Special Bitter tempts with aromas of orange marmalade, balanced by a soft malted toffee finish. Like a skilled carpenter, our brewer has joined the sides of malt and hops perfectly to bring you our version of this classic English-style crafted beer.



ABV: 4.2%

Playing their lutes, the troubadour rock stars took the center stage in 14th century England. But to us the real rock star was the Luthier. The craftsman who lovingly carved the wood and shaped the instrument that was the source of the music. Like these artists, our mild-mannered Luthier Mild Ale sits in the background doing its yeoman’s work of satisfying your palate with smooth malt-centered flavors, while you perform the music in your world. Don’t let its humility fool you, this is a masterpiece.



ABV: 4.9%

Our Tessera Golden Ale is a delightful craft beer that gives tribute to the ancient staples of the Roman table. Fresh cereal grains of barley and wheat combined with Noble hops, Grains of Paradise spices and lemon zest offer a variety of sensory experiences with every sip. The Tessera Golden Ale is light in body and finishes with hints of Rome in every sip. Saluti! This beer is gluten reduced and contains less than 10ppm gluten.



ABV: 5.6%

Medieval Middle Eastern blacksmiths created Damascus steel, a craft that is lost to us today. Thankfully, brewing is not a lost art! Like the swirling dark matrix of Damascus steel, our Damascus Steel Stout features an aromatic mix of roasted and chocolate Malts, blended with a touch of Barley and just the right balance of hops to create a solid, satisfying beer with a rich black-over-ruby hue and a creamy tan head.


ABV: 9.8%

Our Steel Hammer Imperial Stout is what calls to you during the cold dark Winter. Our seasonal offering warms the body and soul with well-balanced rich roasted malt and velvety ground cocoa that together will melt away the Winter blues. As this crafted rich chocolatey, dark-malted brew works its magic, you will believe our forged Steel Hammer Imperial Stout is nothing short of a magnificent beer.



ABV: 4.0%

Our Lampwork Berliner Weisse is brewed in celebration of our 2-year anniversary. Yaaaaay!!! It is a German-style, pale wheat beer with a tart and clean lactic sourness. Flavors of crisp crackers, biscuit, wheat, and dough round out a pleasant lemony lactic sourness combined with moderate bouquet of fruity esters. In Germany, it is uncharacteristic to drink this style by itself and more commonly served with a light shot of Raspberry or Woodruff syrup to tone down the beer’s acidity. Sticking with tradition, we give the choice of either syrup to call your own and compliment this unique craft beer.



Root beer may be a American invention, but our Brewmaster crafted his own housemade recipe for a deliciously fresh soda with Vanilla, Wintergreen, Licorice, Sarsaparilla, Anise, and Burdock Root flavors. It is an instant non-alcoholic classic and a must try, and only available in our taproom!