About Us

Craftboro Brewing Depot is a neighborhood community hub offering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy and learn about the world of craft beer.

We celebrate craft in all forms from quality brewed craft beer to handmade arts. The process and story of making is what roots us. We know that craft takes time, sweat and creativity … it cannot be rushed. Our brewery has 10 taps of knock your socks off craft beer. Feeling like a beer to go? Browse our cozy bottle shop. The weather too nice to sit inside? Drink your brew on the patio or next to the roll up over head doors. Cheers!

Meet the team

amy in craftboro shirt, a family friendly carrboro brewery

AMy McCarter

Owner &

Jason Headshot from carrboro brewery craftboro brewing

Jason Mccarter

Owner &

Rick Head Brewer Photo from Carrboro brewery Craftboro brewing


Co-founder and Head Brewer

Jeffery Headshot

Jeffrey Allen Howard

CO-FOUNDER & Brewer Apprentice

Amy McCarter

Amy is our dreamer and craft visionary of Craftboro. From quilting to drawing, crocheting to painting, arts and crafts is her passion. Amy is a mom, tree hugger, dog lover and book collector. She enjoys long hikes in the woods, playing in nature with her kids and of course cold craft beer!

Jason McCarter

Jason loves beer almost as much as he loves riding on the trails! Before building Craftboro Brewing Depot, you would find him riding his mountain bike on local trails with a smile and dirt in between his teeth only to be washed down with a post ride beer. He is passionate in providing a special place to enjoy good beers and determined to create a little-special-something for our neighborhood brewery. In between bikes and beers, Jason loves his family, and enjoys music and movies.


Rick (our Head Brewer) joined the Craftboro team while it was still a developing idea. He is our man behind the beer recipes. He has brewed professionally for 12 years and counting. He can often be found hanging out in his coveralls arguing with Jeff about “How wrong it is to put coffee into every beer style!” Rick is extremely passionate about
his family, craft beer, and the Red Sox!

Jeffrey Allen Howard

Jeffrey Allen Howard is a beer-obsessed nerd. Drinking beer isn’t enough; he reads about it, studies it’s history, and brews it. His own recipes sometimes even turn out. He also happens to be a personal injury attorney but brewing is way more fun.